Valentines Date Night (with no pictures and a day late because I’m horrible).

Well… maybe just one picture.

Fun Fact–Ashlynn and I actually got married on Friday the 13th! February 13th that is, on the eve of Valentine’s Day. From the beginning, we made the decision that we would celebrate both our anniversary and Valentine’s Day, because why not?! For our anniversary, we went to a cooking class at Sur la Table and had an absolute blast!

Then, for Valentine’s Day, we opted for a night in with dinner and a movie. Pro tip–If you live in a big city, celebrating at home or on a different night can help you beat the crowds for an amazing date night!

Here’s what we ate–

Arancini di Riso (from Food Network)

Crispy Mushroom Carbonara (from Spices in my DNA)

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Brownies (from Eat Live Run)


For the Arancini (Risotto balls), I heated up store-bought marinara from Trader Joe’s for dipping.

For the Carbonara, I opted for Tagliatelle pasta instead of fettuccini.

For the ice cream, I omitted the peanut butter cups and just used the base. I picked up some mini-brownies from Whole Foods and scooped the ice cream on top.

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