What We’ve Been Up To This Week.

We’ve had a crazy week around here! Ashlynn is finishing up her school and I’m getting ready for our summer programs to start. I feel like my head has been spinning all week just trying to keep up, but it’s pretty amazing to see the product of your hard work in tangible ways. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

The Blue Angels flew over Nashville this week and it was so cool!

We cooked these perfect spaghetti and meatballs and they definitely live up to their name!

Like I said, Ashlynn has been closing out the school year this week and is moving grades. We’ve been packing up her room and I had no idea everything she’s accumulated over the past few years. I love how much intentionality she puts into what she does!

We also had Chicken Florentine and Hasselback Potatoes from the new Magnolia Table Cookbook.

I’ve been reading this book lately because I heard it was pretty amazing… and so far, the critics are right! It’s about a guy who moves back to his small town to take care of his family after his sister passes away.

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