What 2021 Taught Me.

A few things I’ve learned this year—

God’s timing and our timing is usually not aligned.
I should have learned this years ago, but this year, it really sank in. God has blessed me more than I could ever have imagined, but it didn’t look anything like I thought it would, and most of the time, it never does.

Time is currency.
So many times, I hear, “I’ll do that next year” or “I’ll get to that in the future”. There may not be a future. You never know what could happen, so if there’s something we want to do, we better get to work on it.

People care.
People really truly care. I’ve never seen so much love from our community around us like I have this year. And focus shouldn’t be placed on the ones that don’t care for that matter.

Dreams really do come true.
This year has seen so many dreams come true, not just for us, but for friends and family as well. One of our best friends landed an incredible position in New York. Another couple moved to Kentucky to pursue a doctoral program. I was given an incredible opportunity at work. After years of prayer, Ashlynn and I are expecting a baby. 2021 was beautiful in so many ways.

Our perspective changes everything.
All of our thoughts—our insecurities, our guilt, our shame—the way we look at the people and things around us directs our steps and our reactions.

It’s not so much about the quantity of time spent, but the quality of time spent.
I want to be all in on what I’m working on, whether it be a project for work or time with my family. Distractions (like our phone) rob us of what’s right in front of us.

Light always drives out darkness.
Since September, I’ve seen references to darkness and light in the Bible over and over. Then, I saw several Advent studies focused on darkness and light. This was no coincidence. This year has taught me that light always drives out darkness.

I was wrong… about a lot.
This year, I’ve learned I was wrong—how others perceive me, how I perceive myself, and how I perceive others on my part as well. I learned I was wrong and it is humbling, and I’m excited to shift my perspective for what’s to come this year.

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