What 2020 is Teaching Me.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family”Mother Teresa We’ve been through this before, friends, and I’ll say it again—2020 was quite the year! There was some very low lows, but also some very high highs, and I think it’s important to remember both! I’m taking this week to reflect,Continue reading “What 2020 is Teaching Me.”

Thoughts on Rest this Holiday Season

What a year! Am I right??? You’ll have to forgive me—I simply don’t know how else to start this post. I’m sitting here, having coffee as the lights of my Christmas tree radiate the dark room. The sun still hasn’t come up. I’m awake, partially due to the curse/blessing of being a morning person, butContinue reading “Thoughts on Rest this Holiday Season”

What We’ve Been Up To This Week.

We’ve had a crazy week around here! Ashlynn is finishing up her school and I’m getting ready for our summer programs to start. I feel like my head has been spinning all week just trying to keep up, but it’s pretty amazing to see the product of your hard work in tangible ways. Here’s whatContinue reading “What We’ve Been Up To This Week.”