Yesterday was pretty incredible from my perspective. The weather was amazing, the pace was slightly slower than the rest of the week (thank God!), and we spent most of the day with the windows open, letting the breeze (and pollen) blow in. It was good for the soul (but not so good for the allergies).

When I woke up, I turned on the coffee pot (fun fact—Ashlynn fixes the coffee pot for me every single night so all I have to do when I wake up is turn it on. She is my everything), and worked for a little while before I went for a long run. I was worried because I hadn’t done a long run in several days, so I thought it might be pretty difficult, but turns out, it was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while. It didn’t hurt that the temperature was around 60 degrees with a gentle breeze. It felt amazing! A buddy of mine is running his own half marathon this weekend. I’m thinking of doing the same… just to see if I’ve got what it takes.

For lunch, we ate outside because the weather was so nice. I had an uncrustable and French onion soup from Trader Joe’s (I know… what a combination). Ashlynn had a sandwich with some bbq chips.

After lunch, I had some work to do and Ashlynn had a meeting with her team. After I finished with work, I sat outside and read some. I really was craving a positive story and this has come through in ways I didn’t know it could! It’s been great reading through it.

When Ashlynn finished her meeting, we ate dinner outside again with fried chicken, Brussels sprouts (not pictured), mac n cheese, and rolls. We know—yesterday wasn’t the healthiest eating day, but it was special nonetheless.

After dinner, we took Ryman on a walk, and then went for a ride before the rain set in. When we got home, we left the windows open so we could listen to the rain. I (of course) fell asleep on the couch while Ashlynn worked on an assignment for school.

I loved yesterday. I need more days like that.

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